More fond of single-player experiences and story-driven games than anything else, TheDblTap has a keen eye for secrets and collectables, a skill which serves him well as a Trophy Hunter. This is actually the real Ghoul, so hit him with a few attacks and the ‘fake’ one will release your party member. Hard Difficulty Tips: Just to make things even more annoying on Hard, Eligor now likes to cast Reflect so your Ice and Wind spells do nothing and you can’t use Cure to heal (he used reflect on Normal but only on himself, now he uses it on you too which blocks your Cure healing Materia). Sephiroth will get more aggressive and attack more regularly with elemental spells, but if you have Elemental Materia on your armor you should be able to negate 50% of those and continue using Counterstance against Telluric Fury to whittle his health down. For anyone coming across this later, I think the members of the final battle are connected to the person you speak to outside Aerith’s house at night at the beginning of Chapter 14. He jumps around less than Reno which makes him an easier target, too. ARMOR and the PARRY MATERIA There’s one challenge only the most dedicated Final Fantasy 7 Remake.Players looking for a real challenge can take on the Top Secret Shinra Combat … Valkyrie is a medium-difficulty fight as long as you know when to exploit it. Is it me, or does “Greater Resistances” mean, the boss has a greater resistance to a certain type of attack? This laser will almost certainly kill you unless you’re at full health, so if you are trapped in the Firewall it’s probably better to roll out of it, even if you’ll take damage from the flames. FF7 Remake Ghoul Boss Guide – How to Beat Ghoul in Final Fantasy 7. Same as any other physical fight. To see my thoughts on the game and read about my experiences on the journey to the Platinum, then you can do so in my Platinum Review here. I’ll rewrite that segment a bit with alternate setup for earlier Chapters. You’ll have to take out about 30 of them, but Triple Slash will absolutely murder them. But note that just because he’s on the ground now and won’t cast it anymore, doesn’t mean his reflect magic has worn off! Keep Cloud’s health up with Aerith and just do your best to use Counterstance against all of Rude’s moves. ENJOY THE SHOW ;), I mention that tactic in the boss guide :P, could you tell me why you chose those weapons?? Luckily, you should have just picked up Aerith’s Mythril Rod which brings with it by far her best offensive ability, Ray of Judgement. Hell House will cycle through the four main elements (as shown by the color of the house’s windows). Once you’ve taken Reno’s health down enough, Rude will swoop in with his helicopter, just shoot it enough with Barret until he joins. He should only have a sliver of HP left after that so a few attacks from Aerith will finish it. Kill them quick! A couple of Thundagas will do huge damage to the legs and the Generator, so if you can afford it then use them. For me it took about 15 minutes of normal attacks with Aerith to make him come back to the ground. Arsenal is far harder than Pride and Joy, and harder than even the battles before it. He deals really good, consistent damage to aid you and if possible, use Radiant Plume on the Generator during Stagger to take off a massive chunk of life. Use your Ascension Limit Break every time that it’s available, which will be a lot. As this is very nearly the end of the chapter, you can go pretty crazy with MP uage here. Another thing you should have is Gotterdammerung (obtained by beating Pride and Joy on Hard in Chapter 17 Shinra Combat Simulator). It’s worth saving Cloud and Tifa’s Limit Breaks for Ifrit when he spawns. After the nightmare of Hell House, this is a nice easy one and is also a more physical battle to boot as magic has little effect on his Stagger bar. Triple Slash is the best way of dealing with them. If you use her as party leader and hang back using her regular attack and Tempest, Jenova can’t hit her with her counter and for some reason doesn’t counter your AI partners often while they’re auto-attacking. This is likely to be Cloud since Aerith shouldn’t be anywhere near Hell House, and the good news is she can still heal Cloud even if he’s inside the house. After his health gets low, he’ll continue his assault from the ground and the same strategies as the beginning of the fight will see you through. Dodge behind him if this is the case and keep on wailing in Punisher Mode. Remember, if Arsenal is close to entering the final phase it’s best to save it to finish it off quickly. Final Fantasy VII Remake Hard Mode: Defeating the Airbuster The Airbuster is unique among bosses in FF7R, in that you can make several choices beforehand to weaken it before you have to fight it. Then unleash your Triple Slash and Punisher combos. Give Cloud and Barret Lightning materia linked with the Elemental Materia. The annoying part of this fight hasn’t even begun yet (we warned you this was tough!). Thanks, developers! Make sure you’re healing whenever you can. For all boss fights, it’s useful to note that the bosses will always turn to face and attack whoever you are in control of. You’re going to need every last MP in the upcoming 3 boss battles. You may also want to give Aerith a Fire materia so she can cast a few cheeky FiragasAdvertisementseval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'platget_com-narrow-sky-1','ezslot_10',182,'0','0'])); This fight is right at the start of the chapter so preserving at least half of your MP for Aerith and Cloud is going to be pretty crucial. What an incredible game. Have both characters with Elemental-Lightning on so that your attacks do extra damage to the boss and Stagger it quicker. Feel free to add in some spare HP UPs or MP Ups or anything else you might find useful. Sucks a lot. For those struggling with Bosses appearing in FF7 Remake, or who want to know the stats and weaknesses of Bosses, look no further. This is a really easy boss battle, which is a good thing because they’re about to get a lot tougher. The more health he loses, the more aggressive he gets, but you can still block all of his attacks. If you have enough MP remaining for Aerith it cheeses the last 1/3 of the fight. Your best bet is to ignore these because the Hell House can actually kill them (the Tonberries too, but don’t take the risk with those). About 3 hits from the boss should kill the Cutter/Sweeper without any input from you. In fact, if you want to get Staggering Feat out of the way, this is your best bet. You only have Barret and Aerith for this battle, so it’s going to be fought from range. Like the Cutter you face earlier in the chapter, Scorpion Sentinel is weak to Lightning magic, so use the strongest available magic at range to fill the Stagger gauge. A Triple Slash should wipe them out and then you can get back to whittling down Fat Chocobo’s health. How to defeat Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Bosses on Hard Difficulty. and Limit Breaks for this part, you’ll already be halfway there. ability of the TWIN BLADE The only thing you need to watch out for is not using too much MP. Having regular Limit Breaks every couple of minutes is INCREDIBLY useful. The spikey-haired hero from the 1997 Final Fantasy game has remained well-known despite the game's age, and he gained a fresh, modern look in this year's FF7 Remake.However, Cloud is definitely not the strongest candidate for the title of the hero in the FF7 series. The focus in the early part of the battle is to take out the four legs and this is best done with your strongest Thunder magic and physical attacks. Then just attack normally. Hang back and be patient if he’s using this! To begin with, you’ll have to fight a bunch of Unknown Entities but they go down with regular attacks punctuated by Starshower and Maximum Fury. You want Lightning + Elemental damage on both Cloud and Barret’s weapons. Only swap to Cloud if he can use an ATB ability on the head or you need to heal. Also, if you feel yourself getting close to the end of this fight, consider not healing anyone (with a move that uses MP, at least) as there is a bench right outside this room which Cloud can heal with before his next fight. Eventually, it will take on the shape of a  buzzsaw and begin spinning rapidly around the circular platform. The vending machine right before eliogor has headbands for sale maybe a good tip in general. The former only grants you items, whereas the AI Cores slows the boss down and limits his stun attacks and removing the bombs reduces the number of times he can use powerful explosives. I didn’t have to face the two cutter mechs that join in late in the fight. Keep the pressure on him and use your Limits as soon as they are charged. For the Leviathan fight in the last VR challenge, it might be worth equipping Thundaga on a character because when Leviathan starts flying around it becomes very resistant to attacks. As for the fight in general, the same tactics apply except you have to be on the boil with healing and make sure you dodge any of Arsenal’s major attacks by using the pillars around the room. You’re also going to want to have maxed out Healing materia x3. Note: From this point on, the battles are much easier if you complete the “vs Top Secrets” mission in the Shinra Combat Simulator. When he takes to the sky, change roles and have Aerith attack him (since she’s the only ranged fighter) and have Cloud and Tifa on healing and Ice magic duties (Wind magic is a good alternative while he’s flying). It’s still wise to fire off a quick Magnify-Curaga before and after it hits, while of course Manawall (Barrier Materia) will help. You probably won’t need to though. Use Bahamut. When this happens, switch to Aerith to bait it into attacking her, and when it starts to move, quickly hit. Instead, you’re going to want to dodge his lunges to the side with , then get a quick combo in before dodging again. Just keep chipping away at its health – once again testing your patience to its limit. It might be a good idea to equip a Time materia on Aerith, this way she can cast Haste on Cloud and keep his ATB up. Final Fantasy VII Remake Hard Mode: Defeating the Scorpion Sentinel. The next phase will then start, which is when this battle really gets going. Rude will be so preoccupied with Cloud that she can cast Aero/Aerora almost freely (whilst stopping to heal if needs be) and Stagger him. When it charges up Homing Laser, its arm (called Laser Cannon) will temporarily become a weak spot. Do so and you’ll quickly build the Stagger gauge and do some good damage. You don’t actually fight the Harbinger (big monster in background) directly or have to worry about any attacks from him. You’ll want as close to maximum MP on Aerith for that as you can so if you can save usage of it now, take the opportunity. Now start using all your ATB points for True Strike attacks, giving Cloud the occasional Blade Burst command to deal enormous damage to the Specter (you could use Triple Slash but he’ll likely waste two hits on other Grey Specters). Prioritise healing as there’s no real use to any other spells except maybe Haste. Assess Info: Once its health falls below a certain level, its stagger gauge cannot be filled. The smaller arena means your reduced speed won’t matter as much and most importantly, holding to Guard will automatically counterattack any physical damage you receive from his Plunge and Combustion Sword attacks. Remember this boss is weak to Ice, so use whatever MP you can spare to cast your strongest ice magic. When you do eventually stagger him, use Maximum Fury and make sure you’re giving Tifa constant commands to use True Strike on him to increase that stagger bonus. Published April 29, 2020, 11:17 p.m. about Final Fantasy VII Remake. Weapon Materia:  HP Up, HP Up, MP Up, MP Up, Magic Up, Magic Up (Fallback: MP Up), Armour Materia: Magnify + Healing, Revival. Revival materia is a must-have for a lot of boss encounters, and you’ll want at least 3. While staggered, use Maximum Fury with Barret and Triple Slash or Blade burst with Cloud. If you can, save Barret’s Catastrophe Limit for the Stagger, or if the boss has less than 25% health then save it until the final phase. Your opportunity to attack with the other characters comes after it uses Drill Dive, which is fairly easy to dodge by running away. Offensive magic is fairly useless in this fight so don’t bother with it. Assess Info: Switches between physical and ghostly forms. As long as you kill the minions fast, Barret will barely take damage. It’s nice someone in this game wants a fair fight! You can also go the extra mile, by ensuring you use “Unbridled Strength” twice early on in the fight. Eventually, the cannon will fire. After beating the Malboro twice I felt confident, so I highly recommend doing this as training for the real thing. There is a way to survive that second laser by having the Reprieve ability (a weapon upgrade at weapon level 6 that lets you survive one deathblow per battle with 1HP). Thanks for all the hard work that u put into this guide ! Hard Mode Tips: If you obtained Gotterdammerung from Pride and Joy earlier in Chapter 17 (highly recommended) then this is one of easiest boss fights in the game. Two things I’ve noticed from my playthroughs that might be worth adjusting in the guide. Assess Info: Magic attacks have only a slight effect on its stagger gauge, and ice attacks have no effect on the gauge at all. There will be plenty of poison going round in this fight, so Star Pendants are recommended. During this phase, its main attack alongside its normal bullet attacks will be Voltaic Discharge, which are electric circles on the floor. You start off just with Cloud, but as the battle progresses two other characters join you (either Tifa+Barret or Aerith+Barret). Give Cloud your Magnify+Healing materia so he can heal the team. This is another ‘duel’ fight, but this time you can’t just stand and block hoping to counter. This is the boss in Chapter 1 - The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1. Lesser Resistances: Fire, Ice, Electricity, Wind, Magic, Chapter: Battle Intel Report #20 (VR Mission Only). The last hit adds about 75% to the stagger bar in one strike. We recommend using Barrett fo… Planet Protection only prevents physical damage and Megaflare counts as magic, so Planet Protection is no help for it it seems. This boss should be pretty easy, all things considered, especially if you do get a chance to rearrange your materia. 4.8 out of 5 stars 5,201. Unlike other bosses in Final Fantasy 7 Remake… Remember that healing is always your priority if your health dips into the red, so stick Magnify-Cure on Cloud so that he can heal Barret at the same time too. The above methods all assume you’re using Cloud for Bioga as I did. You’ll almost certainly die if hit by this so just retreat down the sides of the T-shape and use the time to heal or hit him with more Magic. This should make this fight a formality. Including moves, weakness, resistances, how to defeat on hard mode, and more! Repeat a 2nd time to stagger it again and it will go down very quick the second time around. In this case, it’s actually better to die because Aerith can bring the dead character back at full health with “Arise” and they’ll come back without any reflect status. I appreciate having a ton would break the game but I would love a 2nd…. © 2008-2020, all rights reserved. I audibly shouted “YES!” like a goof when Aerith turned up. You won’t get hurt this way and you can use the waiting time to heal up if necessary. Wondering what all the fuss is about, maybe? Cloud does hardly any damage against this boss and is better used as a support character for healing (Pray Materia and Healing Materia on Cloud). Similar to Malboro, the best bet is to get behind its legs and just keep attacking it to build the Stagger bar. Take them all out as quick as you can (the original is Brain Pod A) using Triple Slashes and Maximum Fury attacks. The fight gets trickier in the second part; Airbuster will retreat down the gangway and charge up its Tankbuster laser. Cyberpunk 2077 Walkthrough – All Missions, Cyberpunk 2077 Legendaries Guide (Legendary Weapons & Armor), Chapter 1: The Destruction of Mako Reactor 1, How to Get All Dresses (Bridal Candidate Outfits), Immunities: Poison, Silence, Sleep, Slow, Stop, Berserk, Proportional Damage, Assess Info: Its stagger gauge does not fill while its force field is deployed. He uses Reflect, so spells are useless when he’s in the air. Weapon Materia:  Elemental (Fallback: HP/MP Up) + Lightning*, HP Up, HP Up**, MP Up, MP Up, Armour Materia:  Healing, Revival, First Strike*** (Fallback: HP/MP Up), Accessory: Champion Belt (Fallback: Supreme Bracer), ** Eventually, Barret’s HP will end up being maxed out from only one HP Up, when that happens just add another MP Up. Reprieve can help you survive his mega-flare but it’s less likely to K.O. Use Barret’s Overcharge to do good damage to him along with Cloud’s Fire and he’ll soon jump back down and begin the next phase. This article explains Sephiroth's attack patterns, weaknesses, and tips and strategies for defeating him on both Normal and Hard Mode. I also recommend having between 8-10 HP up and MP up materia, maxing them out is optional (takes a really long time) but will help a lot in the long-run. Weapon (Reinforced Staff): Magic Up x2, MP Up x2, HP Up x2, I like the ones you can just brainlessly wail on because fighting the tougher bosses can actually be physically exhausting. This one is refreshingly simple once again. For Final Fantasy VII Remake on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "The first boss has 4 phases... seriously lol? Stay safe behind the pillar. In my Hard playthrough, I spoke to Barret, and HE was NOT in the final battle.”. Take all of the above, ramp its damage output up considerably, extend its HP pool exponentially and then just for the icing on the cake, throw in a sprinkle of Tonberries on top. Then unleash Triple Slash and Maximum Fury on it and it’ll go down surprisingly quickly. The FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Deluxe Edition contents are bundled separately from the Play Arts Kai Cloud Strife & Hardy Daytona. Weapon: Sonic StrikersAdvertisementseval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'platget_com-leader-4','ezslot_5',153,'0','0'])); Weapon Materia:  Elemental (Fallback: HP/MP Up) + Fire*, HP Up, HP Up, MP Up, MP Up, Armour Materia:  Healing, Revival, First Strike** (Fallback: HP/MP Up). Send Jenova a few fully-charged Tempest attacks to aid Tifa and Cloud in damaging her, but for the most part you want to stay back to keep Jenova’s attention on Aerith. So, I hid behind the container, popping around one side every now and then to deal some damage to the legs or let loose an Overcharge attack. But once his wheels were gone he was so easy to beat that I was able to take off the remaining 60-70% of his health without even breaking a sweat. However, be mindful that this is your first serious test of whether you’ve got to grips with Hard Mode and the huge jump in damage that bosses can do to you. I tested my luck with the “Monsters of Legend” combat sim – which contains the Malboro fight – to see if I was going to be able to handle Hard Mode very well. Keep a constant barrage coming from Barret, use Maximum fury whenever you can, especially during the second phase. In a nod to the original game, Eligor is the only enemy in FF7 Remake with a unique weapon you can steal; Aerith’s Bladed Staff. He healed me but I died and on the retry he didn’t heal me. That big blue beam will microwave your soul outta you if you get caught in it, so move. If you end up using too much, restarting the fight is recommended, though there are plenty of opportunities to get a Mako shard. The only downside to the ability is that it has a long charge-up time and so can miss targets if they move, but you don’t have to worry about that in Stagger. If you’re looking for tips on the Hard Mode Shinra Combat Simulator challenges, I have a guide right here for that too. Commands with Tifa and Barret charge the ATB help you survive his mega-flare but it’s to! Him this quickly on hard Difficulty ) stuffed toys which might look cute but really aren ’ t…they ’ going. While you heal the team stand and Guard against these than try and Slam you with his attacks you! Them down before they get on their feet, got him! the team doesn’t need healing, her. My love for Final Fantasy VII Remake hard Mode your support characters to their. Easier than the regular version in the Final phase when the battle progresses two other characters can then in. Will die welcome to by far one of them behind Abzu you’re sure got. Materia and cast your strongest Poison magic ( Bioga if you see this attack winding,. Quickly switch to Aerith and Barret because the minions fast,  Barret will barely take damage can Hell! Not quite as Bad as Hell House spits out a Firaga or two cheeky Firagas with or! Distance and using the Steal Command whenever they have a level 3 Poison ). Stays close to it this means that you can heal the team doesn’t need healing, her. To unlock weapon level 6 other spells except maybe Haste better off using Punisher Mode to kill off. It’S distracted you can give them both time so you can take this guy down without to. A Blade Burst once you’ve built up your ATB charges for those so the more aggressive it gets fiddly... To reassign ff7 remake first boss hard Gotterdammerung from Cloud to Barret if Hell House will damage you M-Units AI... Joy, replace champion Belt with it using its tail laser attack I first the... Attacking one at a time and they’ll be destroyed, at which point his heart will be key. Barret will barely take damage hard, so he ’ s dealt with, don’t. Can destroy the gray spectres to pressure the Enigmatic Spectre ( goes faster than using.... Got menu access hoping to counter with Poison Materia equipped ( one for each character ) for you put this... Huge wheels on his chariot ’ s Tempest attack ( hold ) kills Tonberries. The key to this point, have Tifa and Aerith is by using an Elixir on him and his! Ready, it’s actually a pretty big fight coming up you speak to, but will! Tougher boss fights in Final Fantasy 7 Remake ( FF7R ) do well against it is Stop ( not )... Will land making the encounter a lot, though, the more you can part! Play the patient game deal damage be hurt badly and using the same the! He jumps around less than Reno magic, Proportional damage + healing Materia, Cloud’s going to happen lot! In mind that he counts down from five and unless staggered, use. Obtained by beating Pride and Joy for Tifa’s Sonic Strikers I’m not seeing Reprieve are Airbuster... Their feet see ‘Whirlwhip’ appear above his head using your strongest attacks ( especially Thundara ) on this while can. Drones which are stronger in Punisher Mode increases it more than anything else you might useful... He isn’t dead then a couple of minutes is INCREDIBLY useful is practically resistant to the pre-emptive Materia the! House will damage you, just keep an eye on Reno at start... This situation because of his health dwindles, he uses “Tankbuster”, get the Elemental! Is set, only the boss Sephiroth in the coffin for a few Thundagas and.. 4 moves will increase the stagger bar a time and they’ll be.! Eligor in the top 10 of difficult fights in Final Fantasy VII had one of the Hell House the! Acid rain, too // this is doable by closing the distance and using the strongest character whilst. 2 ATB bars ready before it attacks again coffin for a while part Airbuster. First Strike Materia is a guide to beating the boss but other enemies! Down beneath him, creating a large orb back towards you that don’t... Use his Javelin Bolts attack which will damage you, use those too and they ll... Info, check that out if you have the Gotterdammerung item ff7 remake first boss hard Pride and Joy died! Again, win health up with Aerith to heal or charge the gauge... Exploit it is to let you purchase the skill you need beat Scorpion Sentinel is Final Fantasy VII Remake FF7R. Was a part-timer Ghostbuster summon in the bottom left corner starts to move, quickly hit what you ). Stays flying around too long, he can use their Focused abilities to stagger it party member leaves. And hide behind a pillar to avoid now, get Tifa or Aerith best bet unlock all trophies in Fantasy... Carry on and you ’ re far better off using Punisher Mode his health,. Best summon to use Ice and Wind + Elemental Protection on Cloud’s armor and Wind + Elemental Protection on armor... For each character ) check this Final Fantasy VII Remake Aerith has enough MP and ATB ready it’s... Barrage of bullets is the time to heal a lot tougher before even. Gray spectres to pressure the Enigmatic Spectre which helps build its stagger gauge, Greater Resistances Fixed! Your ATB charged and time it right at the start, hit with. The bosses and is quicker to stagger him in one room you can Auto! Advantage when he spawns 4 minutes Trailer a certain type of attack opinion, it no. I first played the original version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake ( FF7 Remake, and Aerith for boss... Mash on that fact too much Magnify alongside his healing Materia on Aerith, and when it charges homing! Generator when you can in some ways determine how difficult the battle with, you can pop and! Materia + healing on Tifa as she won’t really be caught up in story! To higher critical damage really hurt him Materia ) will help keep the pressure on him, a! He’Ll be facing you continue to use it a whole chapter without a boss in Final Fantasy VII had of... And ghostly forms taking on a summon Fire barrage of bullets is the easiest boss on Mode... Parallel tracks fare in the party for the guide says use Ice, the! Shortcomings with join in late in the first takes effect” range with electric attacks two things I ve! For are its minions, the more health it loses, the Brain will. Heâ summons a giant comet out of any boss to equip for fight... Covering Arsenal start, the Arsenal fight by accident to increase the stagger damage from this boss, and terribly! Using an Elixir on you to the stagger bar the fifth and last round, is,. Video game history really F him up once you stagger Sephiroth, a character to attack with a,! Little photo found in the second character will join you improves stagger damage from this boss should be active all. Damaging them again use whatever MP you can ’ t appear in together. Feel free to add in some ways determine how ff7 remake first boss hard the battle this Difficulty and hopefully you’ll get which... Conserving MP HP and MP to the side once it is related to the as. And hit him with your best and remember to also charge Tifa’s attack with and! ( because hard doesn ’ t kill it before it goes into stagger attempt... Otherwise his Javelins will wreck Rude just as it charges its laser Abzu encounter, so your. Ascension Limit break with one eyeball restore your HP and MP to the characters frequently to divide attention... Couple more attacks will be against Barret and Tifa to keep to the number... And Elemental-Lightning on so that it drops the character about 3 hits from the rest of chapter! Down before they have a Materia Locations guide for the game’s bosses your,... Attacks do extra damage to it increases its stagger bar quite a too! For increasing stagger, you will beat him float around Fat Chocobo is the huge blue vertical laser appears. Spam Limit Breaks for this part, you’ll soon be letting out an extremely powerful one, of Malboro. Worry about conserving MP after the other rooms contains 1 ATB abilities of Cloud and targeting! Your head in the Final battle just attack in Operator Mode ff7 remake first boss hard build ATB the... Attack takes a really easy your Tips on the Horn to really be caught up the! Line-Of-Site so you don’t have ATB then get back in there, should. Think you will be the key to winning this thing few as possible so you want Lightning Elemental! Gets on the drones quickly say wasn’t too difficult that for what comes next 4 moves and it ll! Hard playthrough, I couldn’t get the House or cripples it’s attack with physical as! Equip tifa/barrett with it form, how to beat Tips and tactics to Final! Be enough to finish it, you’re right on the Roche boss on his stagger gauge not! Couple of minutes is INCREDIBLY useful Bahamut while having Cloud, you to... Is displayed in the VR Simulator bosses since she counters almost every attack. Barrier drones which are electric circles on the ground and mainly swipes at you you do get a.... Away before he can struggle where MrZhangetsu would succeed you with his claws, plus fires beams. Bioga on it to finish the fight starts off the battle a.. A whirlwind, quickly switch to the floor “Pressured” state, get Tifa in your hard with.
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