Carol A. Walsh

Date of Death: 
Friday, June 3, 2022

Carol A. Walsh, of Chicago, IL was born on June 18, 1946 and passed away peacefully in her home on June 3, 2022. She was a loving mother to daughter Alicia (Jason) Peshel-Schoenbeck and adopted son Michael (Audrey) Peshel. One of her truest joys in life was being Nana to her grandchildren - Michael, Mia, Maeve and Vincent. She is also survived by her sister Jan (Jim) Walch-Pflieger. Carol is predeceased by her parents Albert and Luci (Maulucci) Walch and her forever love and soulmate Charlie Coco.

Carol loved her family and friends deeply and was always involved in their life. She enthusiastically supported their accomplishments and dreams and was there to help pick up the pieces when life wasn’t always kind to anyone.

Chicago was Carols “Kind of Town” and she loved every inch of this “toddlin town” She worked hard her entire life but she also played hard as well. Carol loved life to the fullest, before it was even a catch phrase – heck, she probably invited the phrase! She was silly, smart, practical, savvy, compassionate, giving, loyal, independent, creative, artistic, but most of all she was loving. Carol worked with numbers her entire life and was brilliant at it, to which her family often came to her for advice. Although nobody needed to beg Carol for advice – she freely gave it whether you wanted it or not. Especially to Alicia, Michael and Jan. And if you went to her with a question, she’d give you an answer true or not – she was quick about that, but said spoke so convincingly that you’d walk away believing her. Carol was a prankster and pulled a few doozies on people.

Stricken with breast cancer at the age of 50, she went through some rough medical treatments with grace, dignity and style – she loved her “wigs”. But instead of wallowing in self-pity she decided to become a volunteer for Y-Me National Breast Cancer Organization and was a phone support for thousands of women calling upon being diagnoses. Her calm demeanor and knowledge gave countless women reassurance and peace. She has left a huge hole in the hearts of her family and friends and she will be missed beyond what words could describe.

Thursday, June 9, 2022 - 4:00pm to 8:00pm


Jan Walch
What now? What do I do now that my only sister is gone? I wasn’t ready for her to leave me. Not yet! I wanted to hear more stories of when I was born, or when she was stuck taking me out on her dates because she was my mother, oops, older sister who had to babysit me. Or that she stuck me with a diaper pin as a baby to shut me up because I chatted too much or that she dropped me on my head and that is why I’m a bit off. Or how Mom and Dad did this or that or her favorite story to tell me – that I was left by the gypsies and the only reason they took me in is because I cried so loud on the porch that all the neighbors complained. Big sisters are like that! My sister threw THE BEST birthdays parties for me. We would have a special “sister outing” to the stores to go pick out my decorations and some early presents. Then spent days putting games and prizes together, decorating the house and picking out my cake. Or taking me Trick or Treating and watching my big bag break from the load of candy and helping me carry my loot home – only to go through it and pick out what SHE wanted first. And I believe to this day her favorite yet – to wake me up at midnight on Christmas to open my toys from Santa and then make me go back to bed so SHE could sit up and play with them before me. Or promise to rub my back at bedtime if I rubbed hers first and then fall asleep on me and never rub mine. Big sisters are like that! Who will I go to for advice? Who is going to tell me what to do, whether I wanted to hear it or not! Who will be my doctor having received her medical degree from life and google so she could tell me what to do? Oh wait, I said that! Carol was always telling me what to do. Even just this last week, when I last spoke to her, she asked if she could give me advice on a matter,and did so before I could even answer her. Big sisters are like that! I was truly blessed to have Carol for my sister. I know there are countless sisters out there but MINE was the best. She teased me, she picked on me, she played jokes on me, she blackmailed me, she threatened me she would tattle – but most of all she loved me. It doesn’t matter how many years apart siblings are, there is a special bond between them that nobody understands unless they have siblings. I adored her, I idolized her, I admired her, I so wanted to be like her – she was wicked smart, sophisticated, savvy, funny but most of all MY BIG SISTER! I know she is now talking to our Mom and Dad, wearing yellow and singing like a canary about all the stuff I did while they have been gone – BIG SISTERS ARE LIKE THAT!! I have always loved you from the day I was born and I will always love you to the day I die. Your Little Sister
Lou Astrella
Rip Carol We had some great times together in the 80’s….