John Dee

Date of Death: 
Sunday, January 31, 2021

John Francis Dee, formerly known as John Tembrina Dy, was born on September 29, 1941 in Rosales, Pangasinan, Philippines. He passed away from cancer in Ingalls Memorial Hospital on January 31, 2021 alongside his children.

In 1971, John emigrated from the Philippines to the United States in pursuits of a career in martial arts after receiving his bachelor degree in Psychology from the University of Sancti Thomae and a second bachelor degree in Law from the University of Saint Louis in Baguio City, Philippines. John became a US citizen in September, 1978. John first learned martial arts from his father Francisco Dy-Seng in the Philippines. Mastering the arts was very important to John. John opened his martial art studio in the Chicagoland area and had many followers. Students remember John as a good mentor, selfless and a devoted teacher. Many students from the neighborhood were in search of someone to look up to. John impacted those in need to stay on a straight path by teaching them life skills and self-worth. "Most people had Michael Jordan as a role model, I had a better one, John Dee" quote from Matt Dean, a former student. John wore many hats, he was a famous disc jockey in the Philippines, martial art teacher, been in movies, a hair dresser, an artist, a photographer, and a CDL bus driver (Top of my class! John humorously proclaimed). John lived a multifaceted life. No, John was not perfect, but who in this world is? While John's dream was broken by his weaknesses, something was shining through. It was "treasure" - the treasure was all his children. Please focus on the good memories. John is a father to seventeen children and grandfather to many. He loved t hem with all his heart and was very proud of the accomplishments.

John will be remembered for his artistic talent, determination, generosity, selflessness, and a sense of humor.

John was preceded in death by his father and mother, the late Francisco Dy-Seng and Benita Tembrina Dy, his sister, the late Zorahaida, his brothers, the late Juley and James, his son, the late Marcus. He was survived by his sisters, Luzonia and Estela, his sons, Mardini, Sean, Mark, John, Michael, John F., Maharlika, Shintaro and Makaio, his daughters, Anna, Maria, Diana, Candice, Alexis, Emerald and Kitara, his grandchildren, Kamille, Keegan, Kaiden, Kyrus, Nora, Nathan, Jaiden, Maelyn, Malia, Lazar, Rafael, and Kanani, and his great-grandchildren, Aven James and June Annmarie.

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Roxy F.
We send our condolences to the Dee family. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you all. John was a good man, heaven has surely gained an angel, may he rest in peace safe in the arms of Jesus. He will be missed by many.
Crystal A.
Mr. Dee and I met where I work. I work in a urology office. He came in, and I remember me helping him. Every time I called him, he always answered saying, "Hi Crystal." No matter who called him from the office. He brought a lot of joy to my heart as a front line health worker. I was always ready to be there for him because he trusted me. I am glad I met you, and you will always carry a special place in my heart. Thank you for calling me your angel. You will be missed dearly. - Crystal
michael reynolds
 I first met John as a young kid when he came to my school to perform an exhibition. I was amazed of everything he done and of the students who were with him.  I went home and begged my father to let me study under him. At this point of my life I was an angry troubled kid.  I would get into fights for any reason.  I would go to classes every day after school John was a mentor, a teacher, and a friend.  I soon would help him with the classes stretching them out and teaching forms. At one point me and a few others took over his school when he went to California.John gave me responsibilities, goals, and a meaning in life.  John would always tell me that I was too hard on the students because I wanted them to do it the exactly the way John did it. He would tell me that I mirrored him and that not everyone can do what he could do.  John could take any move and make it work for him , he knew what you would do even before you did . I have seen other instructors teach different styles all with giving no understanding of why they did those moves . I mean what makes you do the things you do to get the reaction you want. He was to me a defensive master of the mind and the body. He could uproot any size man, he would draw you in, and Make you commit to him and then you were in his Web or his circle as he later would call it.  This practice of defence taught me and many others That you didn't need to fight ,you knew that if trouble came your way you could end it, not with the fight but with a few moves .  I have seen him teach gang kids,  bikers,  rich kids, and poor kids.  He taught them all the same he taught them respect.  As a kid I went to my first tournament I was amazed by all the instructors the black belts all the students as we walked in it was like the Room stopped, people walked right up to him and bowed to him.  I thought to myself this man is more then just a guy who opened a school in cicero. Later in years they called him and wanted to challenge him. I seen high ranking black belts back out of this competition.  At this point I realize not only did they respect him , they feared him. To john he wasn't a points contact guy. He was a fighter that would stop you in your tracks. I could go on for hours about this man our teacher it was an honor to be so close to him and I thank him for making me the man that I am today.  Until we meet again sensei ,save me a spot in the class above I had a chance today to say goodbye to a great man and meet his wonderful family thought I would share my words with everyone, he meant the world to me and many others