Maria Isidora Tavares

Date of Death: 
Thursday, August 25, 2022

nee Rayas.  Beloved wife of the late Manuel.  Loving mother of Yolanda (Francisco) Munoz, Gustavo (Concepcion), Irma (Manuel) Montiel, Delia (Demond) Lord, Socorro Almanza, Alicia, Manuel, Lucy, Frank (Yolanda), Lupita (Edwin) Roldan and Miriam.  Caring grandmother, great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother. She was also a dear sister, sister-in-law, and aunt to many nieces and nephews.

Our mother was loved by so many. She loved keeping the family together; she enjoyed family gatherings and loved having visitors every day, from family and friends to neighbors. She admired beautiful gardens, and loved colorful, bright flowers. She married Manuel Tavares 69 years ago and lovingly had a family of 14, in which only 11 remain. She was a mother of 8 girls and 3 boys, which expanded the beautiful family to 33 grandchildren, 38 great-grandchildren, and 3 great-great-grandchildren.

She loved traveling anywhere that her family was; she was the first to have her luggage ready to go. Listening to music made her soul happy, and she smiled as she told stories from the past of the many happy memories she held closely to her heart.

She also loved the outdoors, always planning to gather the family and go to the park, or on occasion to the store to shop. She loved shopping for new clothes when she knew she had an invitation, whether it was a casual visit somewhere or to a party.

All who knew Maria Tavares knew how sophisticated she was. We all knew how careful she was with her hair, she did not want anyone touching her beautiful curls because she did not want it out of place. She did not like it messy. She refused to wear any hats at all, no matter how cold it was outside. She was also very specific about the clothing she wore; her favorite colors to wear were red and black, along with her small hoop earrings (aracadas), her favorite chain necklace, and unforgettable watch that belonged to our beloved father.

Maria Tavares always extended a helping hand to whomever needed it, no matter what it was. If it wasn’t within her reach, she would always figure it out.

She had a love for cooking. She always cooked as if she were cooking for an army. She always said, “Just in case someone comes by, or I’ll share with the neighbors.” Her cooking was deliciously amazing.

Being the backbone of this family, she left us with broken hearts, but with lots of beautiful memories that will forever remain in our hearts. She will truly be missed.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022 - 4:00pm to 8:00pm
Tuesday, August 30, 2022 - 7:00pm


Little Cindy
Even though you weren’t my grandmother genetically, these past two years sure felt like you were. My son even called you “welita”. I began seeing you every morning and afternoon while dropping and picking up the gordo and those talks and stories are one to remember! Then one day I remember you asking if I could cut your hair because it was getting to long and of course I was honored to! After I was done cutting your hair you would always ask me how much do I owe you and my response would always be “ Solo un abrazo” and you gave the best hugs!You will be missed dearly and im so glad I had the opportunity to get to know the amazing and loving person you are. Love pequeña cindy
My Wela, there’s so many memories and talks that we had that are running through my mind. As I write this I think of all the times I would get off of work and I would stop by your room to say “hi” and “how you were feeling” and you would ask me the same like “how my day went” and even though my Spanish is not so good I would try my hardest to communicate with you and you would do the same. I past by your room and I can see images of you sitting on your bed or when I look outside my backyard I can see you sitting outside under the tree enjoying the beautiful weather. I will cherish all those memories forever. These last two years I’ll be forever great full for as I got to spend them with you. A blessing came along the way and I know how much you wanted to meet her & I wish you would of but my baby will know of her great grandma and how excited she was to get to meet her. I know you will be with me along the way & just as strong as you were I will be Wela. Love you so much!
Mi querida Wela, Se nos adelantó y nos dejo con un gran vació en el corazón. Gracias por mantener a la familia unida siempre. Fue la mujer más fuerte que eh conocido. Alguien que no le daba miedo decir lo que pensaba. Alguien que era feliz cuando estaba la familia junta.La persona que le encantaba viajar. La que siempre andaba bien vestida y bien peinadita. Extrañare las platicas que teníamos y cuando la hacía reír. Sus recuerdos vivirán para siempre y siempre estará en nuestros corazones. Mi viejita hermosa, te amamos para siempre.
Cindy (grande)
I woke up at 3am I had a dream with you. Me and my mom were driving you to your funeral and you were laughing and so happy that everyone was going to be there. We loved our Adventurous trips out. I don’t know maybe it was your way of saying goodbye to me. Thank you for being so kind and loving to my mom my kids and my grand babies you are going to be missed so very much.we will always remember and love you love Cindy grande
Hola wela y hola mija, that's how our conversations always started. Talking to you almost everyday was the highlight of my day. If I didn't talk to you I felt incomplete. I loved knowing how much our talks meant to you too. The happiness in your voice made me so happy. You were my wela. The woman who raised me, did everything for me. You were more like a mother to me. You were the best wela. From the moment I was born, till the moment I became a woman,a wife, a mother, you were there. You always supported me no matter what and for that I'll be forever grateful. I'm so grateful for the time I had you in my life wela. You mean so much to me. Losing you has made such an impact in my life. I feel lost. How could this have happened? You're my wela. Strong ,fierce, loving, you were supposed to have lived forever. But the lord called you home. Welo was getting lonely and ready for his love to be with him again. The only peace I have right now is that you're finally with your viejito again. That you're no longer tired or in pain. You fought an AMAZING fight. You are such a PHENOMENAL, STRONG woman wela and If I can just be a part of the woman you were I will be so happy. I promise to live life how you always wanted. I promise to maintain the bond with our family because that was THE most important thing to you. All I want in life is for you to be happy and that's what made you happiest and we will continue that in your memory. You will forever be imprinted in my heart. I know you'll be my beautiful guardian angel watching over me and my family. Nouvell will know so much about wela because I'll always tell him about you meeting him and how much she meant to mommy. I'm blessed to have all those pictures and memories with you. I'll cherish them forever. You'll always be in my heart. Te quiero mucho querida welita hermosa. La reina. Mi mejor Amiga. Mi wela. Descanses en Paz hermosa. Saludame a mi welo precioso.Hasta que nos vemos otra vez.
Lucila Tavares
To my beloved mother , you left me without saying goodbye without giving me a hug or kiss but I got a chance to say ( I LOVE YOU ALOT MOM). I will always remember how much you use to push me to do things that were important in life how you always helped others when they needed it. How much you enjoyed your life no matter what, you will always be remembered by everyone for the person you where. You are with my beloved father now. I will see you both again,. Love you always,
Aunque no era mi abuela directamente, yo así le llamaba y la así la consideraba con mucho cariño y respeto, pues siempre me trato como si fuera uno de sus nietos. Con ella pase momentos muy agradables platicando de todo un poco y hasta viendo novelas en donde hacía comentarios que me hacían reír mucho. Tengo muy presente la última vez que estuve de visita en la casa de mis tíos (Estuardo y Lupita), yo aún no me había levantado y a lo lejos escuché como me decía: Alex, levántate y vamos a desayunar que ya vino tu abuela! Hoy ya no tengo quien me diga algo parecido y eso deja en mi un sentimiento de tristeza, pero a su vez, me deja muchos recuerdos muy agradables que los llevaré por siempre en mi corazón. Sin duda, el cielo ha recibido a una persona increíble! Creo firmemente que pronto nos volveremos a ver Wela y seguramente volveremos a reír, pero con algo diferente, ya no existirán dolores y todo será felicidad pura. La quiere y extraña, su nieto adoptado, Alex.
Leticia Perez